Best Careers To Follow For 2011

With the recent economic downturn just recently ending this year, it may be more important than ever for people to choose the best career path to take advantage of what the current job market needs in terms of availability, salary and job satisfaction they offer. According to US. News, here are the best careers to follow for 2011.

Business Related Occupations

There are various jobs related to business that made the list. Those jobs that made it include accountants, actuaries, financial advisers, financial analysts, sales managers, meeting planners, logisticians, PR specialists and training specialists. Of this group, the sales managers make the highest median annual salary, which is pegged at around US$ 97,000.

Technology Occupations

Tech jobs seem to remain in consistent demand that have made them one areas to follow a good career path for this year. Among those tech jobs that are listed include, computer software engineers, computer systems analysts, computer support specialists, network architects, biomedical engineers, civil engineers, environmental engineering technician, environmental science technicians, hydrologists, and meteorologists.

Creative And Service Occupations

There were also several creative jobs and those in the services industry that made it to the list. Among them are curators, commercial pilots, film/video editors, interpreters, gaming managers, multimedia artists, technical writers, and HVAC technicians.

Healthcare Occupations

There were also a number of jobs in the healthcare industry that were included in the best careers to take in 2011.Among them are dental hygienists, lab technicians, massage therapists, occupational therapists, athletic trainers, and physical therapists. Also included in the list are optometrists, doctor’s assistants, physical therapist assistants, radiologic technologists, registered nurses, school psychologists and veterinarians.

Social Service Occupations

In the social services field, there are also a number of jobs that may be a good career path to pursue for this year. The list include, education administrators, court reporters, the clergy, marriage and family therapists, mediators, medical and public health social workers, special ed teachers, urban planners and firefighters.
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